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During my trip to Italy in October 2018, I went to Venice and from there to Burano. Burano is only 21 hectares of area and 2600 people live there. It’s an old looking island; it seemed like an island of dreams. Each small house is connected to another. A small canal runs throughout the city. It was like the canvas of a picture of a small child, who painted every house as he wished.

The island has very few local inhabitants. In the past, fishing was the main livelihood of the people there and women of the house used to weave lace in their hands to make various beautiful lace items. But the whole thing is now tourist based. Many still have that old jobs along with many new livelihoods for the residents; such as restaurant business, glass works. Though Burano’s lace fabric is famous that’s why the women’s still do lace works; but on machines. Many locals open a small shop in their colorful houses for selling lace work with souvenirs.

All over Italy; I think they are very concern about decorating the windows of the house beautifully; Burano is ahead of them. Every window here seems to have life, as if everyone wants to say something. It was a bit uncomfortable to take pictures of home windows; moreover, they felt offended when someone take pictures on the streets. So, I had to be very careful while taking pictures without hampering their privacy.

Good luck to these
beautiful windows,
Good luck to the people
living behind these
beautiful windows,
Good luck to the best creature
of this beautiful world!

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