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Sikkim is a province in northeastern India, bordering Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. Sikkim is a part of the Kanchenjunga Himalayan region. Shortly after, the Indian government opened Sikkim to Bangladeshis.

I always like mountains and hill people. At least they are much better than flat people. People who are close to nature are just as generous. It is good to think that the location of the Himalayas is only 600 km from my home. It is like captivating the strange natural beauty of Sikkim and a strange silence. This is the first time in life that I have come so close to the Himalayas. After going to the vastness of the Himalayas, it is understood that how small we are, but people are so arrogant about this greediness.

City view from a Hill
One the way to Tsomgo Lake
Night view of Gangtok City
On the way to Zero point
Lachen Valley
Tsomgo Lake
Tsomgo Lake

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